6 thoughts on “I know where and when my favorite bands are playing”

  1. This is a much different kind of Mashup – an Attention Mashup.

    – consumer in control of their attention stream
    – the service allowing the attention streams to leave the silo
    – other services leveraging freed attention streams to create value
    – value is added on multiple dimensions between all parties

    This is the Web beyond 2.0 and even beyond the Semantic Web – this is the future!

    BTW, I’m kirk95 on Last.fm send me an invite. 🙂

  2. great post matt. i’ve been playing with ilike lately – i can’t get last.fm to function on my mac. i blown away by the power of implicit data and what my attention data revealed to me about me. i saw all sorts of music habits that i didn’t even know i had. the power of implicit data – get smarter passively.

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