Thinking about media as a platform

1 It shouldn’t be surprising that my thinking changed while surrounded by thinkers like Jon Udell, Steve Gillmor, and Steve Fox to name a few who all waved the web services flag and sang the software-as-a-service song before many of the leading IT efforts at some of the most innovative companies knew how to put those words into coherent sentences. Those concepts can apply to lots of markets, media among them. #


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  1. But you are still thinking inside the box of ad-supported media — enabling advertisers to horn in on what people are doing. And ad-supported media is inexorably corrupt and corrupting. Media cannot serve two masters, and it is inevitably the master who pays the piper that calls the tune.

    You are right on about relationships, but a mediated relationship is unsatisfactory. The solution is direct relationships — direct relationships between consumer and producer, as well as direct relationship between consumer and media.

    That is what “Advancing Evolution: The dis-intermediation of Media” is all about, and I just came our with version 2:

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