The positive outlook for Yahoo!

I was able to contribute a quote to a story by Catherine Holahan on changes happening at Yahoo!. Unfortunately, she also quotes from a really old blog post of mine (July 2006) which feels like a lifetime ago, but she gets the point right that things have improved here:

Yahoo: Bringing Geeky Back:

“Business is anything but usual under cofounder Yang, who’s trying to return Yahoo to its roots as a technology company … Matt McAlister, director of Yahoo’s Developer Network, said in an e-mail that he’s “never been more optimistic about the future of the company,” thanks in large part to these developer initiatives. “I think Yahoo is focusing on the right things and moving in a very positive direction,” he added. “

She talks a little about the ways the company is opening up, and she’s right that the developer initiatives are really coming along at Yahoo! (despite kind of getting open API thing wrong…API’s != “source codes“).

It feels like the beginning of something good here at Yahoo!.

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