London hackers are back

It seems very strange blogging about this topic from my desk here in London. If there’s one constant in the Internet, it is change. But one thing that is still the same a year on — hacking is alive and well.

This coming Saturday hackers will again descend onto London’s Alexandra Palace to come up with some new ideas with their fellow coders. The same basic rules apply: hack anything you can think of in 24 hours and then demo your creation in 90 seconds. From what I hear, there are a few new twists to the event that could make it really interesting.

BBC is driving the event this time, and they’ve called it Mashed. The Guardian is one of the sponsors, and they’ve just opened up an additional 100 tickets in our name. So, if you can code or build stuff, grab a place now and come join the fun:

Here are a few links of interest: