Rolling out n0tice

8 thoughts on “Rolling out n0tice

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  2. william perrin

    hi matt – you sarah and the team have done a grand job. will be fascinating to see what place this takes in the hyperlocal landscape. If i were nokia i’d buy you instantly. but you might not want to be bought by them

    I don’t do code-stuff – when you say read api do you mean RSS-inbound. i’ve discussed with sarah – that would be so important for people who run local sites and don’t have time to re post stuff manually. natch you’d want to prevent abuse but it would make a huge difference to me

  3. Matt McAlister Post author

    Thanks, Will. Your support means a lot to me and the team.

    Yes. We were mucking around with the API the other day and came up with a nice way to post directly and automatically to WordPress. We have more work to do on that front before we can expose it for everyone, but there will be all kinds of interesting ways to flow stuff in and out of n0tice. It’s a core premise of the platform.

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  8. Mike

    Wow, this is the same idea I had recently. I made a community messageboard page for my city on Facebook, motivated by much of what seems to be inspiring you with nOtice. Unfortunately the page format is pretty inflexible and, while an easy thing to set up, doesn’t offer nearly close to the same potential as a dedicated platform. Honestly I just wish I was working on this too! It’s a great idea!

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