The effects of openness matter more than the degrees of openness

The New York Times has experimented with open APIs, which give outside developers access to its data for use in third-party services or features…But the traditional media player that has taken this idea the furthest is The Guardian newspaper in Britain — which launched an “open platform” project in 2010, offering all of its data to outside developers through an API. Doing this has been a core part of Editor-in-Chief Alan Rusbridger’s concept of “open journalism.” #

Low cost. High adoption rate. Innovative. Revenue generating.  What else could you ask for? #

Martin Belam posted a detailed case study of the app here and here. #

One thing I’ve learned to appreciate since joining the Guardian 4 years ago now is the value of the long game.  The long game forces you to think about what value you create for your customers more than what value you take from your customers. #