Capturing the essence of a region through photography

Powered by article titled “Do you have an image that captures the essence of The North?” was written by Sarah Hartley, for on Monday 9th July 2012 10.00 UTC #

“As with all photography – a pretty picture can only count for so much – interest, excitement and a strong story to tell will always be a priority for me. It has to be much more than face value.” #

To take part in the challenge, you’ll need to have the basic details of where in the north the image is located, a suitable headline/title, and a brief description of what the picture is about. Submit it to us using the instructions below. Please note that by entering into this, you are agreeing to have your picture shown on this blog and on the noticeboard but the copyright for the image remains with you. Maximum size of 2MB. JPG, GIF, PNG. Entries close Friday 27 July. #