“Loosley Coupled” does not mean “Easy to build”

“Loose coupling describes a resilient relationship between two or more computer systems that are exchanging data. Each end of the transaction make their requirements explicit and make few assumptions about the other end. Loosely Coupled systems are considered useful when either the source or the destination computer systems are subject to frequent changes.” #

I’m working with a small team on a really fun web-based product that weaves lots of stuff together. The core app we’re working on has a very powerful layer of intelligence built into it, but it depends on a stack of data sources and rendering environments that are all partially isolated and not necessarily production-ready. #

  1. A-friggen-MEN!

    I’m always amazed when folks forget that good design means not jumping in and hacking. Hacking has it’s place, but it shouldn’t be the guiding methodology you use to build programs.

    Now, don’t get me started on the value of Objects performing type auto-correction on passed variables vs. strict type control or I’ll be here all night.