Recommending RSS feeds on My Yahoo!

  1. If a user visits their aggregator with no new items to display perhaps a bigger recommendation screen could take over, helping you find more things to read.

    I also expect a break-down on a post and blog level, but blog-level is definitely much easier to accomplish in a “people who read x also read y” sort of way.

  2. This is a really cool feature and as a long time My Yahoo (power) user I’d happily take on board it’s suggestions.

    However can I use this platform to request a couple of other more urgent (imho) tweaks: 1) the ability to export one’s opml (not cos I want to leave, but it is my data after all and I also like to pass my subs on to friends!) and 2) better page performance (the 100 or so feeds on my page make it run pretty slowly and I can’t navigate away from the page without the browser hanging and getting a script error – but splitting feeds up onto multiple pages breaks the simplicity of the excellent myyahoo feedroll layout…)


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