The new confidence of Yahoo!

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If a year ago someone told me that Yahoo! would support an event where several hundred coders would be invited to sleep in tents on our lawn and get a free concert from a big time musician that people actually care about I would have laughed. Asking these coders to hack away on our APIs (most of which didn’t exist 12 months ago) to build something just for the fun of it would have seemed totally out of character. #
I think the best thing that describes Yahoo! is family — Yahoo is an amazing, close family that was gracious enough to open themselves up to over 450 outsiders (including myself) over the last two days from the lowest levels to the very top. #

It’s a good question. Where do we go from here? The best part is that nobody really knows, yet. That in itself is as emblematic of the transformation as anything…not knowing the answer yet confident that we are moving in the right direction. #

4 thoughts on “The new confidence of Yahoo!”

  1. I’ve spent the better part of tonight reading up on everyone’s blog posts reflecting on the event.

    Every one of the Y! staffers who helped with the event should be recognized with some kind of award. As a participant of any event, seeing it executed as nearly flawless speaks encyclopedias about the dedication of the staff.

    Well done, and thanks for having me 🙂

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