Scaffolding web sites with Ruby on Rails

Photo: bruce grant
Trying to figure out how Ruby on Rails worked, I felt like I was remodeling my brain. It was as if I walked into Ikea with just a basic idea of what I wanted my new kitchen to look like and then walked out with design schematics and new appliances an hour later. I suddenly had confidence that I could create a really nice web site with a lot of functionality that was basically inaccessible to me before because of my limited programming background. #

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  2. Hey, I thought I’d drop you a line and note to say to watch for our new ruby on rails application that we’re building. It’s a similar product to sugar (and so is our approach to market) called XLsuite –

    The .com is still to come where we’ll do the hosted version, but the open source model is already up and running. It’s a system that I designed for my lighting company but wanted to expand into other markets.

    We’re almost finished the new navigation (so every version can stop looking like a christmas light site 🙂 which should be up in the 2 weeks. (preview it here: )

    I’ve added you to my start page, nice blog 🙂

    Riel Roussopoulos