How to offer simple RSS badges for your users

  1. Matt,

    We’re developing a CMS/CRM in ruby on rails and we have the RSS publishing functionality you’re talking about in our CMS.

    The project is still a ways from commercialization, but we are using the feeds on pages like to feed from youtube

    There is an explanation of how to implement it in the features outline
    This is from the features sheet:

    RSS Feed Importer:

    This allows you to import feeds from multiple sources and tag them. You can then publish those feeds on your site as a quick way to create dynamic content. Setting up the feeds is as easy as plugging in the feed URL and selecting what you’d like to TAG it.

    You can add multiple RSS feeds to your feed reader and tag them with multiple tags. So for example, if you enter 6 feeds from various sources, you can tag them all “industry_news” and then display the industry news on a page on your site. The 6 feeds will be merged into one new news feed that can be displayed either in order, or even randomly (which adds big points to your SEO value). This is a powerful way to integrate with other sites as well, feeding things like project changes, favorites, expense reports or forum posts to a side bar or page on your site.

    Please read the “XLsuite Render Feed Syntax” post in our Documentations forum for more info:

    You can sign up a free trial account by pointing your browser to (or whatever subdomain you want to claim)

    I’d love to hear your feedback on what we have so far.