The breakthrough that is MyBlogLog

UPDATE: There’s been an explosion of coverage this morning on this announcement. TechMeme is doing a great job of capturing the links out there. Here’s a sample: #

9 thoughts on “The breakthrough that is MyBlogLog”

  1. It certainly can be disconcerting to see your movements within the blogosphere tracked like that. But at the same time, I’m finally meeting some of my readers – which is really interesting. I find myself curiously viewing my Recent Readers list just to see who’s been there. (I know, I’m a nosy bastard.)

    Also – and I’ve been playing with this theory just recently – I wonder if MyBlogLog is turning the blogosphere into a social network. I mean, it already IS a social network. But unlike Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Y!360, etc, you weren’t always able to easily bounce from connection to connection (unless the blog had a blogroll, but then the same blogs would appear on everyone’s blogrolls).

    With the ability to create and traverse new connections like this, especially somewhat ephemeral, transitory, and possibly accidental connections, I can’t help but wonder if MyBlogLog will give rise to a new form of a social network.

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