A magazine I would love to read

“We are particularly excited about the prospect of AdaptiveBlue developing tools that allow users to build the semantic web from the bottom-up to fill in the gaps and correct the top-down approach when necessary.” #

This magzine should be printed monthly with lots of possibilities online that may actually be more successful in the long term. (I can imagine the print magazine turning into a sort of marketing vehicle for the web site. ) #

8 thoughts on “A magazine I would love to read”

  1. Hey there,

    I think you could actually do something like this:
    Choose a bunch of blogs, then run them all through the same back end aggregator and filter by topic. Should be close to what you are describing.


  2. Matt, I have been reading you through my aggregator but this is my first visit to your site and my first comment 🙂

    It’s not a magazine, but if you’re not reading Connect the Dots blog by Steve Borsch I highly recommend it. Steve has been on all sides of the fence: working at Vignette with large CMS systems, participant and collaborator in all things community, and also consulting on a variety of web offerings with VC and other visionaries. He is also prone to writing about technology from a first hand experience (installing the new Ubuntu or building something in Pipes). Check him out:


    Christopher Murray

  3. That does sound like an interesting concept for a mag. I’d love to see more in-depth coverage of the platforms being created like Pipes. People need to know more about things like this before betting their companies on new platforms like this.

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