InfoWorld to close magazine business

I’m hearing rumors that the San Francisco Chronicle is in big trouble. Apparently, Phil Bronstein, the editor-in-chief, told staff in a recent “emergency meeting” that the news business “is broken, and no one knows how to fix it.” #

My fingers are crossed for the InfoWorld guys. And it’s hard not to feel bad for them, despite failing to value their star performer, Jon Udell, who left recently for Microsoft. #

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  3. indeed Idid leave out the names of Steve Fox and others. I regret the ommissions. I wanted to focus on the early years ion purpos. if the rumor about InfoWorld is true, it marks the end of an era. I can’t begin to note the irony that it was Sam Whitmore who broke the story without sourcing.

    Thanks for the mention.

    Jim Forbes

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  6. Infoworld did produce some great journalists. Jon Udell joined Microsoft and Steve Gillmor has been hired by PodTech Network.

    Infoworld has a loyal following

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  11. Look for Ziff to be the next publisher closing pubs – They are making a big push to get everyone to subscribe electronically vs. getting actual issues.

    They may be in luck though, and grab some of the ad budget InfoWorld advertisers have.

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