Transparency as a result of efficiency

Advertising Lab pointed to the AdAge article written by Eric Webber who prefers clothed conversations to naked ones:

“It seems to me that all this talk of being “totally transparent” is overrated and takes things entirely too far. What’s worse, it’s just not honest.”

Advertising Lab blogger Ilya Vedrashko adds, “He’s so getting shredded.”

In a loosely related post, Jon Udell notes the network effects of communicating openly (and the benefits of optimizing your keystrokes):

“If your choice is to invest keystrokes in an email to three people, or in a blog entry that could be read by those same three people plus more – maybe many more – why not choose the latter? Why not make each keystroke work as hard as it can?”

There’s a similar relationship betwen form and function where alone each piece of the equation is weaker. Balanced properly amazing things start to happen. Substance and openness need eachother.