Pivoting on data with Freebase

This screencast from David Huynh describes a data browsing interface he built using Freebase. It’s a fantastic data visualization tool that allows you to pivot and filter results that can then be rendered in lists, on maps or on a timeline. He calls it Parallax:

Stefano Mazzocchi explains the inspiration for the tool:

“David’s idea was to organically combine the ability of faceted browsing to drill down on a set of given items, but then to use the faceted values as the new set of items, thus ’sliding’ the faceted browsing window onto the selected set and make that the new point of view. This would create a way to browse “sideways” from a particular set of items, following items of different type that are connected to the currently browsed ones.”

Very clever.

(A bit more on Freebase here.)