How do you visualise the future of datajournalism?

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Following the big rules of datajournalism can take you to some strange places. What are the big three?

1) Everything is data
2) If you can get the data, then you can visualise it
3) Just because it is data doesn’t mean it it isn’t subjective

These were put to the test at the recent European Centre of Journalism’s data conference in Amsterdam. Graphic artist Anna Lena Schiller took each talk at the event and visualised it while it was going on. You can see mine here and Tony Hirst’s here. The full set is above.

On her blog, Anna Lena explains:

The day was divided into four parts, with two to five ten minute talks in each session. When you browse through the pictures you’ll see the headlines, participants and topics of the talks.

Anna Lena has also been working on the big meet up in Berlin this week at which my colleague Martin Belam spoke – so soon we’ll get to see what she made of that event.

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