Generative Media Networks: Fueling growth through action: Introduction

It’s about empowering people, supporting and helping people to accomplish things.
In the same way the reality of things observed are affected by the observer (ie “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”) media businesses have a co-dependency with their customers. #

How does a news-driven business operate in a network-shaped marketplace? #

In this case, I’m exploring how to tackle it from 3 different points of view.  I’ll start with some larger market context.  Then I’ll go into a more operational context, showing lots of examples. Finally, I’ll look at how the trajectory sheds light on what the future may hold for this model. #

This series is an attempt to assemble some ideas I’ve been exploring for a while.  Most of it is new, and some of it is from previous blog posts and recent-ish presentations. I’ve split the document up into a series of posts on the blog here, but it can also be downloaded in full as a PDF or viewed as a sort of ebook via Scribd: #