Becoming network native

“We should start to think about how we interpret data the same way that people design patterns for textiles and work with it the way they might approach a bolt of fabric to fashion any number of different objects – from a bag to a dress to a wall-hanging – out of it.” #

Daniel Levitt and Tony McCrae are both looking at the world in similar ways as we build the n0tice platform for local community activity. #

“A product is useless without a platform, or more precisely and accurately, a platform-less product will always be replaced by an equivalent platform-ized product.” #

I don’t know when John Gage or whoever it was at Sun came up with the slogan “the network is the computer”, but it’s probably about 25 years since that statement catalyzed a group of people who were on a shared journey to turn the Internet into a mainstream thing. #

  • Instead of caring about how much value you will get from your customers in exchange for your goods, you care about how much value you create for your customers with your services
  • You want to help other people succeed knowing that you will benefit from their success
  • You simultaneously seek ways to embed what you do into other things and to embed strengths of what others do into your things
  • You view those who do the same thing as you as partners rather than competition
  • You view those who take more than they give as threats
  • Nothing you do is ever done
Being network-native means that the network is where conception and design happens, where manufacturing and production happens, where delivery happens, where feedback and research happens. It means that everything that you can do is done openly on the network with and amongst customers, suppliers, partners and competition. #

“Amazon was a product company too, so it took an out-of-band force to make Bezos understand the need for a platform. That force was their evaporating margins; he was cornered and had to think of a way out. But all he had was a bunch of engineers and all these computers… if only they could be monetized somehow… you can see how he arrived at AWS, in hindsight.” #

What kind of people do you have? What is your greatest asset? Ok, now turn all that into a platform. Simple, right? 😉 #