The generosity strategy

“With the content, processes and brand more freely available, the community and the set of values can instead drive the business. And those are not as easily replicable.” #

This attitude is what won them the war with their first rival in the blogging world, Movable Type.  It turns out that generosity is a very competitive strategy in a globally connected world. #

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  1. I’ve been doing websites since 1995. Made my first CMS in 1998, and made even more doing the years.

    First in 2008 I saw the light of open source and WordPress. Today I only do websites in WordPress and some webshops in Magento.

    Open source is the best for both customer and web agency. There is no strings, and if one of us is not happy, there is no reason to be together. Another agency is always ready to take over.

  2. I agree and great article. Automation and simplicity are both core issues. Generosity and more over the ability for a platform to also support profits and the planet will be key traits of the most successful platforms. One challenge will be to communicate and deliver an end to end solution that meets these demands and does so most efficiently for the people they serve.

    Takeaway – include service to the planet via software/hardware in a way that everyone can benefit and enjoy.

  3. Thanks for this article. It reminds me of the books The Starfish and The Spider (about the power of leaderless networks) and The World is Flat, which go into the forces that made the internet and wordpress possible, namely the open source movement – (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).
    (Your post “The power of collective research, task-based investigations and swarm intelligence” reminds me of The Starfish and The Spider, a good book in case you haven’t read it)
    It is interesting how open source ( model combined with SaaS service ( creates such a powerful “scorched earth” effect.

    By the way, Matt, if you are reading my comment – how do you get the archor # at the end of each of your paragraphs in your blog post? Is that automated by a plugin? If it is could you let me know the name of the pluin.
    I would love to have it; couldn’t find it googling.

  4. Hello Matt,
    Your article is really interesting. This thought is excellent “that network of people is more valuable than any software or hardware distribution platform”. This is also shows that generosity can be also a weapon to defeat an enemy.

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