Why EveryBlock’s closure is disappointing

One thought on “Why EveryBlock’s closure is disappointing”

  1. Thanks Matt. What you write is all very true and explanatory, but that is not unexpected from someone who knows the hyperlocal business like you do. Moreover, it’s a very good read because you have filled the article with love. Love for our trade, love for Everyblock, love for the effort that Adrian Holovaty put in his initiative.

    If I may add one aspect that you didn’t touch upon, it would be the lack of business perspective that was all too obvious at Everyblock. Before and after the takeover by (MS)NBC, Everyblock never seemed to be very interested in making money. Adrian himself has been very honest about it the two times I had a chance to speak with him. His goal was to build the best local dataplatform ever seen – and he did. Making money has never been on top of his mind. This was no surprise in the startup-setting Everyblock was in after the Knight grant. What did surprise me is that even when NBC was in control, this still didn’t seem to be among the company targets. And from my own experience (building a hyperlocal brand within a larger media company for the last three years) I have become convinced that without a business plan, without specific business goals and without the flexibility to mix your concept with the needs of the market, you will never become a success.

    So, apart from the aspects you mention in this post, I think that the lack of business focus has also been part of Everyblock’s problem.

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