New feature: Who’s winning the attention war today?

Client watch lists help PR and media agencies see what’s working with readers

Kaleida builds profiles over time for companies, people, places, things and all sorts of stuff. Here’s the page for Trump Tower. And the page for Manchester United. Try actors and actresses like Scarlett Johansson. Or maybe you’re interested in news about companies like Uber.

We talk to a lot of orgs that are interested in tracking how readers respond to coverage of a market or a list of things. So, we created a new lens into Kaleida data that does that.

You can track FTSE 100’s, Republican politicians, holiday destinations or any list of subjects you can think of. Below is a sample from one of the new reports.

The new email report helps PR firms and media agencies with questions like, Did your client’s story get any traction? How much? With what kinds of readers? Is your client leading the coverage of the day or did it fail to reach the people you were targeting?

Sample report

Attention rankings of Hollywood actors by amount of coverage from leading publishers, editorial promotion, and number of Facebook shares.

Give us a shout if you’d like to try it for a list of your customers or competitors or a market you care about. Send us an email: