Why we’re doing Publish.org and how you can help

The idea for the Internet’s news desk is based on things some of us have been thinking about while trying to solve problems for the journalism trade over the years. Publish.org is off to a good start, but it needs writers to write, editors to edit, and members to help fund the journalism that gets made via this new platform.

A few years ago I spent some time sitting with the news desk at The Guardian. I was trying to understand the process a little better so I could recommend ways we could apply some of the fantastic technology resources in the building to improve things. #

The most eye-opening thing for me was seeing how much goes into producing the stories every day. As readers that process is totally invisible to us. #

So, we closed it down, left The Guardian and started over completely, this time as an independent nonprofit with a much longer term view on this challenge. #

What we’re building at Publish.org is the Internet’s news desk.

The whole point is to make quality independent journalism possible at a global scale by creating a process that is both open to a community that wants journalism to succeed and also organized to maintain high standards. It’s not about left or right or any political agenda. It’s about enabling journalism for the benefit of everyone. #