The biggest company you never heard of

“In 2007 it had revenues of more than £3bn, it publishes more than 300 magazines and 450 websites globally (including Computerworld and InfoWorld), employs more than 13,000, and encompasses the huge global analyst organisation IDC. There is also a consumer division in China, where IDG publishes titles such as Cosmopolitan and National Geographic under licence.” #

The founder, Chairman, owner and lifeblood of the company is a man named Pat McGovern who was ranked number 64 in Forbes’ list of the 400 richest Americans in 2007. #

“I don’t know the inside scoop of what happened at PC World, but you can bet that Pat McGovern was in the mix, empowering people like Bob Carrigan to make the right decision in the end. In the news cycle, this might seem like a flash-in-the-pan story about journalism, but for me, it’s a story about respect and good business in the long term. Hats off to IDG and Pat McGovern.” #

Creativity is encouraged, but evidence drives the decisions. IDG has launched a few noteworthy offerings such as the technology ad network and an interesting approach to prediction markets on The Industry Standard site. BtoB magazine writes: #

“So far, 100 bloggers have been approved for the network, with each being vetted by IDG editors. These bloggers cover several tech-related categories, such as hardware, mobile, security and storage.” #

But nothing moves without careful attention to the ebb and flow of the revenue forecasts. If growth isn’t there the train stops. #