2 thoughts on “Dotcom business ideas over a pint or two”

  1. This will definitely expose how little I know about child behavior, but I’ll take a crack at it anyway. RE: your NetFlix for toys idea..very interesting, but it feels like the model stalls out a bit here: “..and must return a toy to receive the next toy from this or her queue”.

    Is there a reliable, healthy rotation of toy loyalty (‘ala Velvetine Rabbit’ or Woody from Toy Story) that could buoy volume?

    Or are you asking for a complete User meltdown each time you suggest pulling a toy out of your child’s current rotation?

    Of course, the point may be moot: there’s not much your little buddy could do in effective protest anyway as you dropped their favorite toy off at UPS..what with the fact that they’re securely fastened to your belt, executing RealWorldSearch commands.

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