Celebrating in the streets of San Francisco

Off topic here, but this video is worth sharing. My wife and I decided to take a stroll after the election speeches. We were heading for a pub but got sidetracked by all the noise in the streets of San Francisco. Then we saw a crowd forming and cops smiling, not a recognizable combination.

This is what we saw (1 min):

Some other accounts of the event:

Neil Girling: “Extra Action Marching Band led the crowd in jubilation, and there were many cheers and chants of “Obama” and “U S A.” The mood was ecstatic, and the cops were polite and extremely hands-off; a little after midnight, when they finally asked Extra Action Marching Band — who have a reputation for chaos and noise — to start to shut down, they did so with smiles and were met with the same.”

Tim Redmond, SFBay Guardian: “San Francisco is going crazy. I haven’t seen this much excitement in the streets since we shut down the city when the Iraq war began. But this time, we actually have something to celebrate.”

Sean Bonner, SF Metblogs: “My neighborhood went 9 kinds of insane last night.”

Strange Things Will Happen: “It was like Italy had won the World Cup, only with less mopeds and more high-fiving.”