The next Yahoo! Hack Day to be in London in June

This event should be really good. I’ve been working with the local Yahoo! team in London and their partner BBC Backstage to keep the spirit of the original Open Hack Day alive, and I think the teams there have done that and raised the game significantly. If you are in Europe and oversee Internet developers, then you need to get your guys to this event.

Event organizer Tom Coates posted some thoughts on why this event is so great and what happens there:

“It’s a two day event, starting first thing on Saturday morning and running through to Sunday evening. We’ll have a whole bunch of speakers from Flickr, Yahoo! and the BBC to start us off. We’ll have food—mostly flat—to meet the dedicated needs of our guests. There may be booze. I’m not telling. If you want, you can stay awake all night or crash out in a corner in a sleeping bag. The only requirement or restriction (except for the legal ones, which you should probably read) is that you come to the event and try and build something, ideally using some of the stuff that all the organisations hosting the event have to offer. Did I mention it was free?”

More details on

UPDATE: Here are a few mentions about the event, so far:

Matt Cashmore, event producer on BBC’s Backstage team
Ian Forrester, also a member of the Backstage team

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