Why the open strategy is a good idea

“Our technology collects content from thousands of high-quality online sources, deeply analyzes and parses it, and creates a trove of data that can then be reused in an infinite number of ways by publishers of all sizes.” #

The DayLife platform gives them the ability to not only create a pretty good destination site but also to power other people’s web sites with interesting content they have identified and classified. We have used it on guardian.co.uk to enhance our Olympics coverage and US Elections coverage, among other things. #

“Using Enterprise API, you can launch your OWN API to your OWN CONTENT, all powered by Daylife’s proven technology platform. And you can do this in a matter of days. #

What starts to become clear when you look at these kinds of services is that media organizations should improve how they facilitate information flow. This is actually what journalism has always been all about, releasing important information to people in a useful way. The media businesses that figure out how to make information flow more fluidly across the entire Internet are going to win over time. #

“If you turn your attention to the most popular sites on the web, sites like Facebook, MySpace and Google all have syndicated content strewn all through them. Let alone sites like FriendFeed, Plaxo and and thousands of blogs and news sites out there that rely on aggregation of content via RSS.” #

But the open strategy is not just about opening out. It’s also about opening in. #

“By adopting [the MusicBrainz] open standard, our pages are able to benefit from public domain content linked from MusicBrainz such as biographies from Wikipedia and discographies from MusicBrainz. But MusicBrainz IDs also make it straightforward for third parties to work with our data and automate links to our pages.” #

BBC is linking both literally and figuratively to the open web. #

“Having a persistent, and increasingly rich, resource to link to for each artist on the BBC should also help those pages appear higher up the search rankings” #

Second, being the essential data source for a particular topic creates lots of opportunity as the number and size of the customers of that data increases. #

“The agreement spans Google’s current and future map-based services and navigation offerings across mobile, online and desktop environments. These include the Google Maps™ and Google Earth™ services and mobile applications such as Google Maps for Mobile™. The agreement also gives Tele Atlas access to edits for its maps from Google’s community of users, whose suggested changes can help the company further increase the quality and richness of Tele Atlas maps.” #

But no single source of data is ever guaranteed to be the most important or relevant source on the Internet forever. #

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