The "Come to Me Web" school of design

I really like Thomas Vander Wal's "Come to me Web" post where he contrasts that with the "I go get Web".  He talks about web design being about usability, not information reading.

"Many of us as designers and developers have embraced "user-centered" or "user experience" design as part of our practice. These mantras place the focus on the people using our tools and information as we have moved to making what we produce "usable". The "use" in "usable" goes beyond the person just reading the information and to meeting peoples desires and needs for reusing information."

We're seeing the online user experience evolve into a more complicated space that's less about request/receive behavior to one that streams and flows based on triggers and loose couplings.  I also like the idea of information searching for me which I was exploring in a few posts last fall:

"We are telling the creators of information that we want filters, we want flow control, and we want those controls in our own hands.  It’s the era of syndication and subscriptions.  I’ll tell you what information I want, and then you come find me with the right data in the right place at the right time."

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The "Come to Me Web" school of design