Jon Udell makes Folio's "most influential" list

The Folio 40: The most influential people in the magazine industry:

"Nominees on this year’s list range from CEOs at the largest consumer publishers to publishers at regional magazines, editors at association publications, new media gurus at b-to- publishers, even a U.S. Senator and a (gasp) television personality."

Why Jon was chosen:

"Considered an expert in the IT industry, Udell has also created a daily Weblog powerhouse of knowledge that incorporates information with video and audio, essentially the next generation in online communication resources."

Jon talking about his more recent innovations that have raised his profile in the market:

"Our purpose is to communicate knowledge," he says. "If there are more effective ways of knowledge transmission, those things will find a way to the mainstream."

From B2B trade journalism blogger Paul Conley:

"If you're a B2B editor, Jon is the guy you should try to emulate. He does all the things that his peers do -- writing, reporting, editing -- and he does them better than most. He's also the creator of all-new forms of storytelling (screencasting) and content organization (Infoworld metadata explorer)."

Very cool.  Congrats, Jon!


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Jon Udell makes Folio's "most influential" list